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I am a licensed psychologist and bring a wide range of clinical experience to my  practice.  I received my Doctorate from the University of Kansas, and I have  worked and trained in multiple VA Hospitals and four different university  counseling centers across the country.  I most recently served as the Director of  Training at the Iowa State Counseling Services before moving into independent  practice.   I believe that therapy work is greatly enhanced when you feel a strong  connection with your therapist.  When you know the person across the room “gets”  you, it is a whole lot easier to make difficult changes and to start healing.   Building meaningful relationships with all of my clients is a top priority for me.  As  a therapist, I provide a blend of support and challenge; it’s my goal to help you  feel grounded and give you new tools, so you can feel empowered to take risks  and to be an agent in your own life. I bring a sense of humor to my work while  also leaving room for reflective conversation, and I strive to create a warm,  collaborative, and transparent therapy relationship with each of my clients.

I typically utilize an integrated approach that relies heavily on interpersonal  process and incorporates other empirically-supported interventions.  I believe two  critical ingredients for change are:  increasing self-awareness and creating  opportunities to have a different experience (both in therapy and in your life). In  order to be the most effective, I typically tailor my approach based on your  presenting concerns, personal background, and therapy goals. My areas of interest and expertise include:  trauma, managing depression and  anxiety, eating disorders, identity development, coping with grief and loss, stress  management/relaxation, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and family of  origin issues. I also specialize in working people who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual and trans* identified individuals.  I have unique experience in working  with psychology professionals in training and early career psychologists.